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Brand: JBL Model: JBL / Selenium - ST200
A  JBL / Selenium / by Harman  ST200 BLK Super Tweeter @ 8 OhmSuper tweeter for outstanding detail and clarity in high-frequencies without harshness. The ST200 BLK may be used individually in lower power systems or arrayed for increased coverage and SPL in higher power systems.Sp..
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JBL Selenium D405 Super Driver 150W RMS 8 Ohms JBL Selenium D405 Super Driver 150W RMS 8 Ohms
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Brand: JBL Model: D405
Dimensions (H x W x H): 205 X 205 x 86 mmWeight 8250g; Magnet Weight: 2.640 g; Weight of the magnetic assembly: 6,800gSensitivity In cornet, 1W @ 1m, in axis 3 110 dB SPL; In tube, 0.0894V4 116 dB SPLAudio SpecificationsResponse Frequency Response @ -10 dB Frequency Response: 300 to 7,000 HzNominal ..
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Brand: JBL Model: D200
Specifications :Throat Diameter (in)  – 1”Impedance (ohms) - 8Power Rating : RMS (W) – 50 WattsMusical Program (W) - 100 WattsSPL 1W @ 1m (dB) - 107Frequency Resp. @ -10dB (Hz) – 500Hz to 7,000KhzRec. X-over, 12dB/oct min. (Hz) - 500Voice Coil D..
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