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Brand: SPARK USINA Model: 220a plus
Spark UsinaDigital Automotive Supply 200A 14.4V - 220VCar Charger Power Supply 220A Plus + 3450W Automatica BivoltProduct of excellent quality, the Spark Digital Automotive Power Supply 220 Amperes 14.4 V - Bivolt - Integrated Voltmeter - Adjustable Output Voltage is another member of the Power plan..
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Stetsom High Voltage Source Stetsom Chv 3000 Battery Charge 3 Day Delivery USA Stetsom High Voltage Source Stetsom Chv 3000 Battery Charge 3 Day Delivery USA
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Brand: Stetsom Model: CHV 3000
DESCRIPTIONCHV3000 CHANGE INFORMATIONIn order to meet the expectations of its customers, Stetsom has updated its CHV3000 charger by removing the load in 12V. This was necessary due to the high current consumption of the electrical network requiring that the product be connected to the plug with cabl..
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Brand: Taramp's Model: PROCHARGER120A
ReferencePROCHARGER 120AMax Output Power1700WMaximmum Nominal Current Output120 AmperesEfficiency90%Input Range 127V90 a 140 VACInput Range 220V190 a 250 VACInput Fuse (internal)20A, porcelanaMax. Ac. Power Consumption 127V20 AmperesMax. Ac. Power Consumption 220V16 AmperesRegulation maximum at full..
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Brand: Taramp's Model: PROCHARGER 250A
ReferencePROCHARGER 250AMax Output Power3600WMaximmum Nominal Current Output250 AInput Range 220V190 - 250 VACInput Fuse (internal)40A, porcelainMax. Ac. Power Consumption 220V28 ARegulation maximum at full load (240A @14.2V)(250A @14,2V): < 2%Output Voltage12,6V / 13,8V / 14,4VDimensions (WxHxD)..
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